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Are Staff Engaged?

What is your current level of employee engagement? How do you know?

What would happen if you could increase employee engagement by 10%?


Recent research shows that employee engagement dropped in 2021.

Employee engagement clearly affects organizational success. 


No doubt you have staff at different levels of engagement.

Engagement is an ongoing challenge and is affected by multiple factors. 

Staff engagement is a core element of organizational culture, and it's contagious.

It is an essential ingredient for both high performance and employee satisfaction.


Engagement is the "lift" that changes everything.

The Role of Purpose

A galvanized powerful organizational purpose lays the foundation for employee engagement.


Without a galvanized powerful organizational purpose, it is impossible to foster aligned engagement.


The organization becomes fragmented by personal agendas and mixed messages.

There is no common cause to bring people together. 


A powerful organization purpose is the flag around which employees at all levels and across all functions can rally together.

Individual Engagement

While adequate pay and benefits are necessary to attract and retain good people, this is not the basis of engagement.


Engagement comes from being involved in something that is meaningful/important!


Employees are not all engaged by the same things, but there are common themes:

Doing good in the world–for customers, end users, communities, employees (and their families).


Esprit de corps–standing back to back with co-workers to do something extraordinary.


Opportunities for meaningful involvement, contribution, influence, growth, challenge, appreciation, recognition.


Opportunities to use the strengths/talents that one most loves to use, doing something important.


Creating and sustaining a vibrant culture of high-performance and wellbeing for co-workers.  


Engagement occurs naturally as individuals find their own “Why” within the purposes, processes, and culture of the organization.


Engagement is so important that one part of organizational purpose must be fostering an environment/culture that supports increased engagement.


Note: This may include removing individuals who persistently violate the culture of engagement, e.g., abusive managers or highly dis-engaged employees who can’t be reclaimed.

Personal Vision and Engagement

The more clarity an individual has about their Personal Vision, and the more they share this with their leaders,  the greater the opportunity to engage them in powerful ways.


When leaders focus on playing individuals to their strengths and passions, and appreciating and recognizing significant contributions, employee engagement, commitment and satisfaction is maximized.


That benefits everyone and strengthens the entire culture.

Foster Engagement

Let's work together to strengthen engagement. Connect with me and we'll schedule a time to talk.

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