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Personal Vision

You will look at your life from different perspectives to uncover life outcomes most important for you. No one else can determine what matters most for you.

“No other person can hear our calling. We must listen and act on it ourselves. To hear it, we need a positive environment that supports deep listening and truth telling.” Richard Lieder

In addition to clarifying What Matters Most in your life, you will gain understanding about: 

Superpower Strengths–extraordinary talents and skills you most love to use.


Opportunities for Contribution–roles and assignments that will make the highest and best use of your talents and passions.


Opportunities for Improvement–actionable changes that will increase your success.


After clarifying your Personal Vision, you will apply evidence-based practices to achieve what you want. 

The Disciplines of Success

Prioritizing > Goal Setting > Planning > Action and Learning are the core disciplines of success.

Desired behavior change is often challenging. Employing evidence-based practices in each of these areas makes change easier and more reliable.


My role as your coach is to help you implement these evidence-based practices to achieve your goals. 

Nothing changes, and little is learned, without Action.

Through the iterative process of Action and Learningyou  become the person you aspire to be.

Power of Stakeholder Involvement

Whenever possible, stakeholder input is solicited to gain added insights about:


Opportunities for Contribution 

Opportunities for Improvement.


Stakeholder input is also invaluable in monitoring progress toward desired behavior change.

Evidence shows that appropriate stakeholder engagement accelerates behavior change and increases success.    


Successfully engaging stakeholders has additional spin-off benefits, including increased levels of:


Positive morale


all contributors to leadership success.

Want More Details?

I'd love to share more information about our unique process. Connect with me and we'll schedule a time to talk.

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