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What Can You Expect?

Many of those who are most skilled and successful use coaches to help them achieve their results. Anyone who is interested in sustained behavior change can benefit from the support of a coach. 


Personal Vision 360--What will it do?

Provide clear direction.

Help you reach your goals.

Unleash the “power of purpose”--the motivation for sustained behavior change.

Sustain you during times of challenge.

Help you make the important decisions of life well. 


You will:

Make changes that increase your success and fulfillment.

Lead with greater authenticity.

Develop the skills and tools necessary to continue to achieve new goals.

Unleash the power of purpose in others, helping them find greater joy and satisfaction in achieving common goals.

Living life on Purpose is a great foundation for authentic leadership. This fosters high performance while maintaining a culture of wellbeing.


With ongoing labor shortages and new generations in the workplace, managing wellbeing at work is a new source of sustainable competitive advantage.

Leaders who model and promote purpose-driven living will be invaluable assets.

You can be highly motivated, committed, dedicated and hard working, in ways that are satisfying, fulfilling and successful, without "ignoring" other important priorities.


Leaders make tough decision and learn to recognize and honor what is most important.

There is no need to compromise what matters most.

What Clients Are Saying

"Personal Vision 360 generated entrepreneurial career opportunities at the intersection of my interests and strengths.  Without David's methodology . . . I would not have launched into my current endeavor, which aligns with my personal passions and is simultaneously providing for my family."

"Working with David has been a great experience! I have learned so much about myself, my attributes, qualities and God-given gifts. This process has helped me find my confidence and become aware of my natural abilities."

"Normally, in order to make significant change occur, one must be extremely vulnerable.  The Personal Vision 360 process exposed me to new thinking in a pain free fashion. As a result, I am launching a new business with multiple satisfied clients."

"David is a fantastic coach! He really takes the time to get to know you and help with your individual goals. He is easy to talk to and work with. It's clear he cares deeply about helping you find your passion, gifts and talents, which will positively impact your personal and professional life. These sessions have been invaluable!"

"I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with David. I now have a clear understanding of my gifts, talents and skills. I also have the confidence to accomplish my personal and professional goals using the tools he has given me during our coaching sessions."

“David was instrumental in helping me identify what is important, define my core beliefs and identify the actions necessary to achieve my objectives. It was like helping me arrange the pieces of a difficult puzzle.”

"During my sessions with David I have learned how to prioritize and balance my life by adding small changes using realistic daily goals. David truly has a gift at putting you at ease and helping you identify what’s most important to you in your personal and professional life."

"I recently resigned from a job and was considering many different career avenues, but was not able to make clear decisions about what to do. While working with David I was able to clarify my life purpose and my vision of who I am and what is important to me, rather than simply focusing on my next job. I gained a clear picture of myself and what I could bring to my next job, as well as what I needed in a job to flourish and to realize my individual purpose. I am very grateful for this coaching relationship and the growth I experienced, which helped me in my career and in my personal life.”

"David is the best coach! He is professional, compassionate, and supportive. I found working with David extremely beneficial. As I have never worked with a coach before I was a bit apprehensive but was soon put at ease. David has a natural ability to see and pull out your gifts and abilities. I realized through the first few sessions I needed to work through some personal issues while still discovering my talents and professional attributes. I found this process a bit challenging as I had to look deep within myself, but David was with me every step of the way. 


Around the six-week mark I had a profound breakthrough. I value myself, I know my worth and now have the confidence to move forward and accomplish my dreams and professional goals. I know who I am, I feel well rounded and whole for the first time in nineteen years. David is great at helping achieve a higher level of personal and professional development and will tailor to your specific needs. This process has been extremely rewarding!"

Take the First Step

I can help you live life on purpose. Connect with me and we'll schedule a time to talk.

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