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Are You Aligned?

In an auditorium filled with people, what happens when you ask everyone to close their eyes and point North?  (People point in every direction.)

This reveals that in spite of what we think we know, people are often not aligned.


There can be similar confusion about true North in leadership teams as well.


Is your leadership team aligned?

Do you have galvanized clarity about your purpose?

When leaders speak with: employees, perspective employees, customers, suppliers, the community, do they share a common, consistent message about your purpose? 


When push comes to shove, do leaders make decisions that are consistent with your purpose?

Unintended Consequences

Inconsistencies observed by employees quickly erode trust and foster cynicism.

This undermines everything you are trying to accomplish.


These negative consequences occur even when good leaders are acting with the best of intentions. 


Galvanized clarity, consistent communications and aligned actions are keys to getting the “lift” you need.

Personal Vision and Alignment

Getting clear about Personal Vision helps leaders understand their personal connection with the powerful purposes of the organization. 

This connection empowers leaders to:

Understand their personal "Why," beyond money.

Synergize with the purposes of the organization and other leaders.

Lead with greater authenticity and passion. 

Help others find their deeper "Why."

When Collins speaks of "right people," in the "right seats," it means personal connection and passion, in addition to capability.

Note: When no natural deep connection/alignment can be found, both the individual and the organization are better off to make changes so that each can find deep connection somewhere.

Get Aligned

Let's work to build the alignment you need.  Connect with me and we'll schedule a time to talk.

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