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Powerful Purpose

Leadership Vision

A powerful organizational purpose begins with the personal vision of the owner or CEO.

That vision defines and circumscribes what is possible.


A powerful organizational purpose is also shaped by the input of other key leaders.

Powerful purpose emerges from a collective vision, will and passion.


Powerful purpose fosters the “lift” needed to change everything.

Personal Vision 360 can help a leadership team clarify their collective vision after clarifying their personal visions.

Meaningful Purpose(s)

A powerful purpose must be meaningful.

A meaningful purpose:

Captures the hearts and minds of those who must be enlisted to make it so.


Gives meaning and life to the labors performed each day.


Creates space for others to find personal meaning and purpose in the service of the common cause. 


What is it about your organizational purpose that captures the hearts and minds of your people?

A powerful purpose is often multi-facetted. Look at all aspects of what you do.

What is the good you do . . ., for : 


End users?

The community?

Employees (and their families)?


How can you make your purpose(s) more meaningful to those you want to engage and retain?

Ready to Take the Next Step?

We can enhance your organization's purpose. Connect with me and we'll schedule a time to talk.

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